Energy saving

Draught Exclusion

Saving money on energy costs within your household begins with making sure you are not wasting the energy you are using. By draught proofing, you can prevent heat from escaping your home whilst ensuring cold air does not seep in. An estimated £60 per year could be saved on your heating bill if you implement draught excluding measures.

Water Wasting Awareness

There are many techniques involving your consumption of water that could soon see your energy bill decrease. Leaky taps should be fixed to prevent wasting energy and when not in use, should be fully turned off. Running baths also has a draining effect on your electricity supply — fill the bath up to only the amount of water needed or better yet use a shower as they are far more energy efficient.

Non-Electrical Appliances

Of course you can save money by switching to appliances that do not require energy. For example, using a washing line instead of a tumble dryer.

Effectively using Thermostats

By setting controls on your thermostats you can easily cut down your heating bill. Such controls can be set so that the heating will automatically start and turn off at certain times of the day. You can also heat individual rooms rather than the entire house. Even turning the temperature of your thermostat down by only 1° can save you up to £85 – £90 per year.

Turning Appliances Off

It is far more cost effective to turn your electrical appliances off at the mains rather than placing them on standby. To understand how much you could be wasting, check out the infographic made by

Upgrading your Boiler

Older boilers do not have thermostat setting and controls that can allow you to monitor and reduce the amount of energy wasted within your home. By replacing and updating your boiler you can save money in the long run.

Insulating your water heating tank

If you own a water-heating tank, you might be unaware of the energy being wasted if the tank is poorly insulated. When the tank loses temperature, more energy is used to bring the temperature back up and therefore, increasing your energy bill amount. By investing in insulation for your tank you can reduce this waste of energy.

Using a Smart Meter

Have more control over your electricity use by investing in a smart meter. You will be able to see where in the home you are consuming most energy and where you can effectively reduce the amount of energy you use.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

By switching to energy saving light bulbs you can reduce your energy output and will last far longer than regular light bulbs.

Watering plants at night

By watering your plants at night you will reduce the amount of water needed to keep them healthy. This is due to the water not evaporating as quickly as it would during the day. Using a watering can is far less wasteful than using a hose however; you can fit a trigger to your hose so that you can control the water flow.