Smart Meters

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart Meters are the next generation of metering technology. Not only will they save you the hassle of giving readings manually, but they have the potential to save you tons of money, and make your energy bills more accurate (no more estimates!)

They’ll also make you more aware of your energy usage and help introduce more innovative tariffs based around when you use energy

Can I have one?

We’re currently working on our roll out plans so we’re currently not taking smart meter installation bookings

If you leave us your email address, we’ll be in touch when we’re taking installation bookings

Already have one – Can I still Switch?

You can switch to Avro Energy if you already have a smart meter with another supplier. At the moment, we can’t automatically read another supplier’s smart meter if it’s a first generation (SMETS1) smart meter.

We’re working to resolve this in 2020 but until then you’ll need to submit meter readings manually in the beginning.

Leave us your email

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